I believe the type of glass you are looking for is called an "Old Fashioned glass" named for the cocktail typically served in it. Depending on the size of the drink you may possibly want request your drink in a "Double Old Fashioned glass". I would hope that simply requesting your martini be served in an Old Fashioned glass would suffice.


Great question for the dessert enhancement front. Zabaglione is generally thought as sweet, however it can also be made without sugar, using dry wine and egg yolks, thus becoming a fine sauce for fish, chicken or vegetables. It is used this way in French cuisine as well as Italian. In Italy chefs and home cooks often measure the ingredients for ...


Let us start by defining what non-alcoholic wine is. What is non-alcoholic wine? It's pretty much what it says on the can, (or the bottle in this case). It’s wine with the alcohol removed. However, some of the beverages can still contain some alcohol, because let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to extract every single bit. Under the law, in order to be ...


You can definitely substitute Patron XO Cafe with Kahlua concerning the coffee flavor for your drink. But... You'll lack a Tequila taste Kahlua has a lower ABV You can try to compensate this by adding a small amount of tequila, if you have a regular one available. So, instead of buying Patron XO Cafe, use Kahlua and a small amount of simple Tequila.


There is a number of alcohol reduced wines in the market. I avoid saying "alcohol-free" because there is no "alcohol-free wine". Most still have less than 0.5 percent of alcohol. First of all: The production of alcohol reduced wine starts in the same way as any other wine as well with fermentation and production of alcohol. But wine without alcohol will ...

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