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Is it appropriate to substitute Kahlua in lieu of Patron XO Cafe?

I have a cocktail recipe that calls for Patron XO Cafe. I try to avoid buying bottles of super speciality liquors if I don't anticipate I'll use them frequently. I do have Kahlua on hand which I know ...
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Non-alcoholic substitutes for wine

I like the taste of wine and the sensation the alcohol creates in the mouth, but I have no interest in the mental effects or the cancer risk. (I've never drunk enough at one time to become even so ...
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Ordering a Drink in Non-Traditional Glassware

I find drinks that are traditionally served in stemmed glasses are difficult to carry (I'm a wheelchair user). What terminology would I use if I wanted to order a drink like a martini or Manhattan ...
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Zabaione - with Marsala or Whiskey?

At times it can be difficult to procure what I always considered the correct ingredient for Zabaione - Marsala. However, I have discovered that I can use other fortified wines or spirits. Wikipedia ...
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