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Is there an online and/or English-language version of the "Jiǔmíngjì" 酒名記?

I was reading Peter Kupfer's scholarly piece Amber Shine and Black Dragon Pearls: The History of Chinese Wine Culture (June 2018). During the Song Dynasty (960–1279), it says, large amounts of ...
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Would it be sexist for a beer shop to have a "selection of beer for women"?

I was on a webshop for beer and was surprised to find a "selection of beer for women". It consisted mostly of fruit-flavored beers and other sweet-type beverages such as ciders. This struck me ...
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Difference between "Ale's" beer

What is the difference between "The Ale", "The Brown Ale", and the "Mild Ale" beers? The colour seems more or less the same so, is it the taste that normally is different or is the level of alcohol ...
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Beer Sizes in Spain and Portugal

Beer sizes in spain are aptly explained in (copa, cana, tanque, jarra, etc.) In portugal, similar sizes appear but I've only heard of imperial and ...
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What style of lager is Corona? And what other beers are similar?

Corona Extra is a Mexican beer that is very popular (in Australia anyway). Most people seem to like it for it's drinkability, and suitability for enjoyment in hot weather. Is there a name for this ...
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8 votes
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Recommended Android app

Do you recommend any specific Android app to keep track of the different beers (and of course different kind of beers) that you have tasted? Someone recommended me Untappd but I may need something ...
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What is a "White IPA" and is it actually an IPA?

What is a "White IPA" and can it actually be considered an IPA? I'm asking in general but specifically I'm having a Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA.
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What are the difference between a dubbel and a tripel?

From a question about german beers, the difference between a doppelbock and triple bock seems to be simply about the abv and maltiness. Basically just a stronger version of the "single" bock. Is is ...
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What's the definition of beer?

What defines beer? Specifically, what's a definition of beer that allows this to be classed as one: Snake Venom is the world’s strongest beer as of 24 October 2013, coming in at 67.5%. It is dark ...
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How do popular Polish beers fit into the "periodic table of beers"?

In Poland, outside of imports, microbreweries, and various less popular varieties, about all mainstream brands come in two classes: Piwo Jasne ('light beer') Piwo Mocne ('strong beer') The two ...
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What's the difference between a porter and a stout?

Porters and stouts seem very similar and sometimes stores and restaurants group them together as if they're two different names for the same thing. Is there a difference and what is it?
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