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Questions tagged [ale]

Ale is a type of beer brewed using a warm fermentation method, resulting in a sweet, full-bodied and fruity taste. Use this tag when asking questions about Ale

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2 answers

Is there a recipe for a Kosher for Passover beer or ale?

I'm looking to do a home brew of a Kosher for Passover beer. Is there a recipe I can follow?
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Difference between "Ale's" beer

What is the difference between "The Ale", "The Brown Ale", and the "Mild Ale" beers? The colour seems more or less the same so, is it the taste that normally is different or is the level of alcohol ...
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3 answers

Why are some beers warm and some cold?

While out at my local I always like to try new beers, and as I was going through a few different beers and I noticed that almost all of them all had varying temperatures. Some where ice cold whilst ...
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Broadening my horizons (Ale recommendations in South West UK)

I would like the other beer enthusiasts to suggest some new ales for me to try. I enjoy all Bath Ales and Box Steam Brewery; I'm more a fan of a bitter and less so of pale ales. Can you advise of any ...
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Any advice on good breweries near São Paulo - Brazil?

I am moving back home in the next few days and the idea of importing all my beer does not seem reasonable. I'm willing to try any kind of beer, but my preference is for IPA's and Belgian Strong pale ...
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2 answers

Craft beer - Ambient temperature for fermentation

I am thinking about make my first beer in this summer. However, in my country the summer has an ambient temperature about 25-30º. So my question, is what type of beers are adequate to this conditions? ...
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Using Caster Sugar as Primer in Barrell [closed]

I'll admin i got a bit excited. My first best of home brew fermented for 6 days, then transferred to barrel for the net 3 weeks - i used woodforde's real ale mix. BUT at the last seconds i forgot ...
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2 answers

is "Capilano Pale Ale" still being produced and is it possible to get it in the States?

is "Capilano Pale Ale" still being produced and is it possible to get it in the States?I'm referring to the Vancouver, British Colombia, microbrew.
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4 votes
2 answers

Craft Beer vs Real Ale

I've been following the craft beer scene in the UK for some time now, and much prefer true craft beers to real ales (and beers labeled "craft" when they have no business being represented in such a ...
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Does drinking mainstream, mass-produced lagers give you a worse hangover than real ale?

I have noticed that when I spend a night drinking the usual lagers found on bar taps in the UK (Heineken, Carlsberg, etc.), I have a much worse hangover than when I spend a night drinking locally ...
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1 answer

Does real ale make you fart more than lager?

I've read anecdotal evidence that says that real ale, though not as gassy as lager, makes you fart more. Is there any truth to this and does it apply to ales in general or just certain types?
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9 votes
1 answer

Does a session beer have to be below a specific ABV?

Does anyone know if a "session beer" has to be below a specific ABV to qualify as a session beer?
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15 votes
3 answers

What constitutes a Pale Ale?

I ask this because I just ordered an "American Pale Ale" and it's actually quite dark in color. So how can I tell a pale ale? What actually defines an ale as pale?
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Difference between Ale and Bitter

Whats the difference between a bitter and an Ale? Is it the manufacturing process or the ingredients that make these different drinks?
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What is the difference between an ale and a lager?

Apart from coming out of different taps, some ales seem very similar to lagers (although there are clearly a much greater variety of ales). Is there a difference in the way they are made?
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