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10 votes
3 answers

Is there a site (or app) like Beer Advocate that lets me give just an overall rating?

Beer Advocate used to allow you to give an overall rating for a beer, rather than giving score breakdowns (appearance, smell, mouth feel, etc). They have recently changed this and you can only supply ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Recommended Android app

Do you recommend any specific Android app to keep track of the different beers (and of course different kind of beers) that you have tasted? Someone recommended me Untappd but I may need something ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What are some online sources for information on beer of high repute? [closed]

When looking for source material to quote, often I find articles from a wide variety of places when it comes to beer. When looking for technology information, I find it best to simply go to the most ...
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