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Covering various drinking and serving glasses. What glass should be used to server which type of cocktail, wine or beer.

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What's the name of this whiskey glass style?

I accidentally broke a vintage whiskey glass that I got from a friend's father when he passed away. I've been looking for a replacement in a similar style, but haven't been able to find anything ...
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Fake Glencairn Glass?

I just purchased this Glencairn glass from Amazon and I think it may be knock-off. The etching on the bottom is different than the majority of the ones I've seen elsewhere. The ones I've seen online I ...
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What types of glasses are used for Fortified Wines?

Please explain, what types of glasses are used for Fortified wines and why? For example: Spanish: Jerez/Sherry, Moscatel Portuguese: Port, Madeira Italian: Marsala
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What type of stemware is this?

I've recently inherited a set of these glasses and I can't seem to figure out what type of glass/stemware they are and what cocktails are traditionally served in them (if any). Picture attached, ...
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When, where and why did the tradition of clinking glasses and saying "cheers" or "to your health" first start?

Is it possible to know where, when and how the custom of clinking glasses (usually filled with beer or wine) originated, while saying "cheers" or "to your health"? Do any historical documents support ...
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Disposable glass for flaming shots?

I'm throwing a party with themed drinks, and one is a shot topped with 151, and set on fire. I'll need to serve about 15 at a time, and don't own that many shot glasses. Is there any disposable shot ...
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What's the growler?

Browsing ALiBaBa International platform I found there are many growlers in the shop. I want to know what a Growler is.
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Ordering a Drink in Non-Traditional Glassware

I find drinks that are traditionally served in stemmed glasses are difficult to carry (I'm a wheelchair user). What terminology would I use if I wanted to order a drink like a martini or Manhattan ...
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Why does my slice/wedge of lime go up and down in my glass of Gin and Tonic?

I was sitting watching my G&T which had a slice of lime in it, when I noticed that the lime sank to the bottom of the glass, and then rose to the top again, it then continued to repeat this cycle ...
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Removing detergent residue from glassware

Last night, after moving some heavy stones around, I poured myself a nice Berliner Weisse (style) into a glass I don't use regularly. Initially there was a nice head on it but to my disappointment it ...
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How to pair a beer with a glass? [duplicate]

I have recently begun to learn somethings about beer and I suddenly noticed that, for a while now, I have always been served similar types of beer on different looking beer glasses... which is ...
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Glassware for Beer [duplicate]

It's kind of simple question, I'd like to know why exists different kinds of glass for each beer. Could glass affect beer taste? How? Or is this just marketing?
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How to drink kvass?

I’ve recently received a bottle of gira (i.e. kvass from Lithuania). With it came a beer mug, so I guess the issue of the glassware is settled. At what temperature should I drink it? If I understand ...
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Difference between glass, bottle and can?

I was wondering if there really is a difference in taste when you drink the same beer out of a glass, a bottle and a can. Can anybody please tell me if there is a difference or if this is just a ...
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Beer Sizes in Spain and Portugal

Beer sizes in spain are aptly explained in (copa, cana, tanque, jarra, etc.) In portugal, similar sizes appear but I've only heard of imperial and ...
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What is the purpose of an etched glass?

What does etching on the bottom of a beer glass do? What purpose does an etched glass serve?
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Why are breweries against freezing pint glasses?

It makes no sense to me why breweries are against freezing pint glasses. I think that there's nothing better than ice cold beer, and it seems in most ways the breweries agree. They try and cool beer ...
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Unusal recepticles

I understand openings of a glass allow for aroma to add to the taste. However I recently had Kwak in its recommended glass, which is similar to a test tube. I have seen a number of other unique ...
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Glassware for lagers: why did my Stella Artois come in this kind of glass?

I've seen Why did my Big Bad Baptist come in a brandy snifter? and understand from the answer there that there are two basic reasons to use a glass with a wider bowl for beer: to concentrate armoas, ...
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Why did my Big Bad Baptist come in a brandy snifter?

Over the weekend, I decided to order something new from the menu: a Big Bad Baptist. I thoroughly enjoyed it (lots of coffee flavor and not nearly as much alcohol taste as I feared). But it came in ...
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What are the true origins of the yard of ale?

From here, though they do not cite their source: The origins of the yard of ale date back to the early 17th century, during the reign of King James I (1603-1625). Glass-making in England was then in ...
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How did South Australia come to have smaller measures of beer?

The "Beer in Australia" article on Wikipedia, includes a table listing the names for various size glasses in the different states. One peculiarity is that some South Australian glasses are one size ...
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Why do steins have lids?

What's the point of the lid on the beer stein?
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Drinking from a pewter mug?

Modern beer is typically served in glassware, and the reasons for the various styles are addressed in What glasses are meant for which beers and why? I have some alternative vessels at home, ...
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Beer glass cleaning

I've heard it said that you should never use a dish-washer on a proper beer-tasting glass, as it can negatively affect head retention. Is this the case, and if so, what's the best way to keep a ...
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What glasses are meant for which beers and why?

I know there are already one or two questions that touch on specific beers. However, I would like more of a comprehensive list. I would also like to understand why those types of glasses are chosen. ...
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What glass shape is most commonly used for Saison's?

Is there a widely accepted glass shape/type for Saison's (and if so, what is it)? Is a different glass used for French Saison's vs. Belgian Saison's vs. other common Saison styles?
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Do different beer glass shapes really make a difference in taste?

I understand the basic distinction for wine glasses: red wine glasses are shaped to help keep some of the aroma inside the glass, whereas whites don't. But shapes for beer glasses, such as pilsner vs ...
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