Do you recommend any specific Android app to keep track of the different beers (and of course different kind of beers) that you have tasted?

Someone recommended me Untappd but I may need something less social and more informative...

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Beer Expert - from "Rate Beer" data

Both of these are the largest rating/tasting databases for beer, I haven't used them but they would be the place to look for the information that untapped is lacking.


In terms of an Android app, I personally use Beer Citizen. It does not have every beer imaginable in its listing, but it has quite a large amount. I find the community to be pretty helpful. They helped me find a lot of different beers whenever and wherever I might travel.

Jeff Wurz is also right to suggest Beer Advocate, which recently came out with a new app back in June of this year. I do frequently use Beer Advocate's website and am eager to try out their new app. If you end up not liking Beer Citizen I would recommend trying this app out; though I base this off the usefulness of the website, since I have no experience with the application.

Hope I was able to help you out!


I like Untappd. It would be better if it automatically recognized the beer labels, but it is fine. You must type the beer name.

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    he explicitly said Untappd isn't what he wants.
    – Jeff Wurz
    Commented Aug 6, 2014 at 17:44

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