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Well I left mine out for 3 days with oranges, apples, peaches, lemons, pineapple along with Stella Rosa peach wine, triple sec, Cpt. Morgan rum, Jim beam vanilla, Malibu rum, crystal lite lemonade, and drank it without getting sick. Just didn’t eat the fruit as it looked very ripe!


Recommendations for a pandemic coronavirus drink? How about a Mahogany cocktail! Mahogany is a dark drink whose traditional recipe is 2 parts of gin to 1 part of treacle. It was drunk by active outdoorsmen such as Cornish fisherman and Canadian lumberjacks. Why a mahagoni drink one may ask? Black treacle was once believe to cure the Black Plague. Treacle—...


Beers. Irish Death, Iron Horse Brewery; Dead Guy, Rouge Brewing; Death, Rivertown Barrel House And Brewing; Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout, Left Hand Brewing; Cocktails: Left 4 Dead; The Apocalypse Cocktail; I would suggest that about an hour before the end of your party you have peasant pulling a hand cart walk through yelling , "Bring out yer Dead" ...


During the spanish flu, whiskey was an accepted medicine: Amid 1918 Pandemic, Bootleg Whiskey Became a Respectable Medicine (or an excuse to bypass prohibition). A Hot Toddy is traditionally drunk to cure symptoms of a flu or cold. The icelandic spirit Brennivin is also called "Black Death". One idea could be to serve shots in disinfectant spray ...

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