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I'll add some Japanese suggestions to this list. Cold oolong tea with shochu (usually barley) is a very common mix. Also, jasmine tea with awamori is an Okinawan favorite. Both are light, easy to drink and refreshing. If there's a Japanese market near you, you can probably get both the liquor and tea there. I've also seen interesting green tea-infused ...


Hot mint tea goes great with rum. Almost any kind of rum will do it. This is a beverage that is drunk usually in the cold season and you can find it at the chalets near the skiing spots (as rum keeps you warm). In Romania if it's winter and you get to one of this chalets and ask for "a tea" it is possible that you will automatically get an ...


I absolutely love brandy in tea. Hot black tea with brandy, cream, and sugar! Nom, nom, nom!

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