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Champagnes typically mix batches of wines from multiple years in order to attain a consistent 'house style' that is generally free from the vagaries of climate and location. Only in an exceptional year do houses put out vintage champagnes, so you'll notice that the vintages are usually non-consecutive. Wineries, aside from cheap ones, generally use ...


Exactly as Robert said… I happen to work as a supermarket food-sampler and I know that some experts believe a day of sampling can produce a 10-week increase in sales. Please note, that "10-week increase" does not mean that I sampled stuff on Tuesday, so we expect an increase in sales for the next 10 Tuesdays… no; it means we expect an increase ...


Vanity Fair (1848) (available here: features a bottle of Rum Shrub among other drinks. There were many different 'shrub' recipes, so it isn't clear exactly what they were drinking, but one could assume that his readers knew exactly what he meant.

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