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For Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approved list questions or other questions specific to that American state.

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"Pumpkin" beers made with actual pumpkin?

It's about that time of year again, when pumpkin flavored beer (and everything else) starts making its way onto store shelves. I was wondering, what pumpkin flavored beers are out there, if any, are ...
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Where to find Okocim beer in or around Pennsylvania

I'm looking for distributors/shops close to central Pennsylvania that sell Okocim beers such as Okocim Porter, Okocim Beer, or Okocim Mocne. I've seen O.K. Beer around here (another Okocim product), ...
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Are growlers considered open containers?

My local brewery fills growlers and just adds a twist-off cap to the top. They do not place any kind of seal or sticker on the cap to prove it hasn't been opened. So if I get pulled over for whatever ...
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How does the PA liquor control board decide which beers can be sold in the state?

I live in Pennsylvania, where the folks in charge cling desperately to the last vestiges of Prohibition, with a protection racket on the side. What this means is that the state heavily regulates ...
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