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2 answers

What are some big brand Dunkel beers in the United States?

I love Dunkel's (German Dark Lager) every time I have them but live in a small town without much local access to imported or small brewery beers (unless they are a bigger name). What I want to know is ...
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1 answer

What kind of alcoholic beverages would've been common in a 1950s-1960s USA home?

I've watched many episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" from the 1950s and early 1960s. In numerous episodes, they are in a fancy room in some house/mansion with a bunch of bottles on a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

National Wine Registry (USA)

Is there a US National Wine Registry of vineyards, varieties, and vintages? Would I really have to contact every vineyard in America to get this information?
7 votes
1 answer

Why is Sam Adam's high ABV beer illegal to sell in several US states?

Not even compared to absinth, even SKYY vodka has a higher ABV and we well that everywhere. The end result is a 28 percent alcohol-by-volume beer that's void of any carbonation. According to Forbes,...
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Are there any public APIs that will help determine the legality of a location to get Beer-Wine-Spirits delivered?

Am after APIs that will in real-time help me understand by way of providing such APIs with the following inputs: Store/Location Address/Geocoordinates of the location Customer Address for receiving ...
2 votes
1 answer

Popularity: Ale vs Lager

This is something that has been on my mind and I am wondering if I just have a statistical bias here, but it seems to me that when I peruse the shelves of my local bottle shops that I usually see a ...
7 votes
6 answers

What are the differences between mead and beer? Where can I try one in the US?

From my understanding, mead is primarily made from honey and may or may not have hops added. Is mead considered a style of beer, or more of a wine, or a completely separate kind of beverage? Are they ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How does the PA liquor control board decide which beers can be sold in the state?

I live in Pennsylvania, where the folks in charge cling desperately to the last vestiges of Prohibition, with a protection racket on the side. What this means is that the state heavily regulates ...
8 votes
5 answers

How can I try a wide variety beers without buying them by the case/spending a lot of money?

Like most of you here, I thoroughly enjoy beer. How can I try a wide variety beers without buying them by the case/spending a lot of money? Aspiring beer enthusiast that is grows tired of the usual, ...
10 votes
1 answer

How can I follow limited releases?

I've recently been tracking some of Founders's limited releases (like the Kentucky Breakfast Stout, coming out in March I believe). It's easy enough to check brewery-by-brewery, but are there any ...
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What are some high-ABV IPA's in the Northeast United States?

I'm very familiar with Dogfishhead's series of 60/75/90/120 minute IPA's, Harpoon's Leviathan, and have recently found new favorites in Sixpoint Hi-Res and Resin. What are some similar high-ABV ...
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1 answer

United States Beer Shipping Laws [closed]

Does anyone know about the laws when it comes to shipping beers to individual states? I am from Kentucky, which does not allow an individual to have alcohol shipped directly to their home address. ...
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