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What are some big brand Dunkel beers in the United States?

I love Dunkel's (German Dark Lager) every time I have them but live in a small town without much local access to imported or small brewery beers (unless they are a bigger name). What I want to know is ...
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2 answers

Does anyone know what this vintage aluminum container was called and used for?

Hello. I found this aluminum container in a recycling bin. It is about 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide at the bottom. Someone told me its called a growler and was used to take home beer from a bar, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Which Brazilian beers are found outside Brazil?

In Brazil there is a very large trade in foreign beers, but in the countries I visited I never found Brazilian beers. Can you help me with this answer?
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If buying a distillery, what would you focus on?

As I receive many offers of Latin American spirits and do not have any experience in marketing those (high quality) products I think to buy into an existing distillery with skilled personnel, to use ...
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Where can I buy Liefmans Fruitesse In Ontario?

This beer used to be available from the LCBO but now outside of Kegs or going to a bar it doesn't seem that I can get it anymore. Does anyone know the best way I could get a hold of it?
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Is Zlatopramen lemon 1.9% still available in the Czech Republic?

I am wondering if the Zlatopramen lemon 1.9% is still available in the Czech Republic (in supermarkets, liquor stores, bars et cetera).
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7 votes
1 answer

Is there a difference between normal Duvel and Duvel "Love"

I bought a 4-pack of Duvel recently and when I looked at the last bottle I saw that instead of this label: It instead had this label: All of the bottles had different art/text on the backs, but up ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Why do some brewing companies only export certain beers outside of their primary location?

Wondering why it is that certain smaller brewing companies will export only certain beers out of their primary location? I am a huge fan of Goose Island (Chicago area based) and am having a tough time ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Where can you buy US craft beer in Europe that will ship to other EU countries?

anyone know where you can buy US/American craft beers in Europe. Which shops/websites sell US craft beer and will ship it to other EU countries? Or any wholesalers/distributors to contact.
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Does Sam Adams sell its 'White Christmas' beer in six-packs?

Does Sam Adams sell its 'White Christmas' beer in six-packs? I've only seen it included as part of its holiday sampler 12-pack. Never as its own standalone six-pack. If not, why not?
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Beer swapping online?

I've tried hundreds of beers in recent years. But it starts to get expensive buying some beers less accessible online. Is there any site about swapping beers between people of different countries?
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7 votes
1 answer

Where to find Okocim beer in or around Pennsylvania

I'm looking for distributors/shops close to central Pennsylvania that sell Okocim beers such as Okocim Porter, Okocim Beer, or Okocim Mocne. I've seen O.K. Beer around here (another Okocim product), ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How does the PA liquor control board decide which beers can be sold in the state?

I live in Pennsylvania, where the folks in charge cling desperately to the last vestiges of Prohibition, with a protection racket on the side. What this means is that the state heavily regulates ...
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3 answers

How do restaurants/businesses get their beer?

Do they get them from stores, or do they set up a distributor? Also, is it cheaper than getting the beer from a store?
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