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Why is non-vintage wine so poplar in sparkling wine but not in still wine?

The majority of sparkling wines have no vintage. Every champagne brand has at least one wine that does not carry a vintage, and a small part of the production output goes into vintage champagnes. How ...
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When some one uses "sweet" to describe Blanc de Noir Brut Champagne, what does it really mean?

A friend of mine really enjoyed a glass of Champagne at a restaurant back two years ago, and described it as "sweet" and "smells good". Based on other clues and after many ...
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How I can confirm that scotch whisky consumed by me is a genuine high quality scotch Whisky Bought by INDIAN RUPEES

My question is about the ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES' taste? HOW do tasters decide that the genuine quality of Scotch whisky is of high quality by tasting. AND How do official testers determine ...
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Is chilling champagne in the freezer detrimental to its taste?

I recently bought a Moet Imperial Brut for a special occasion and since it's the first time I have anything to do with something of that quality instead of a cheap sparkling wine, I'd like to do ...
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Are there collectors of old champagne bottles not opened? I’ve got 1996 bottle with Atlanta Olympic Rings on it

I have a 1996 Atlanta Olympic bottle of Korbel champagne. Are there collectors?
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Elder flower champagne best to use natural yeast or add a wine yeast?

I have had much success making Elder Flower champagne in the past by adding the flower heads to large container of water, add sugar and little lemon for taste and leave for 2-4 weeks to ferment before ...
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Can old flat champagne be used for vinegar?

I was given a few bottles of 14 year old champagne. The first bottle was flat but doesn't smell off. Can I use it to make vinegar?
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How do people preserve wines, champagne?

How do people preserve wines and champagnes for decades? Is there a special method or is it like keep in wine storage or cupboard and forget for some decades to be better in taste?
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What are some of the iconic champagnes for each decade of the last 100 years?

Which champagne / house is most commonly associated with each decade since the 1920s? For example, a few initial thoughts might be: 1950s - Pol Roger (a Churchill influence?) 1960s - Bollinger (all ...
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