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Unicellular microbes that produce alcohol under the anaerobic or low-oxygen conditions in the brewing process and also have an effect on the flavour of beer. Over 1500 species exist.

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Propagating a Beer Yeast Culture to other applications

How much of an impact do yeasts strains have on their [beer] products? Is this a significant game changer? I want to craft delicious fermented foods. Beer, bread and pizza are a few of my motives. I ...
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Does the yeast weaken in flat beer?

Does the yeast in beer weaken when the beer is flat? I use the beer in making bread, and, since I don't drink, it sits in the fridge until I bake bread again. I'm curious whether the yeast weakens in ...
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Elder flower champagne best to use natural yeast or add a wine yeast?

I have had much success making Elder Flower champagne in the past by adding the flower heads to large container of water, add sugar and little lemon for taste and leave for 2-4 weeks to ferment before ...
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Restart fermentation stuck at 1.026SG?

I have a berry wine, stuck at 1.026SG and with a high malic acid (quite sour). Should I try to restart the fermentation by adding fresh yeast? What about yeast from another vat? Is there enough ...
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Vinometer reads 16% while SG says that can't be possible

My initial SG was 1.090 and now reads 1.026, this should give me an ABV between 8.4% and 9% but the vinometer is reading 16%, and I have a stuck fermentation with Montrechat (Premier Rouge) yeast (max ...
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Can all sugars be used for brewing?

While we generally focus on glucose, sucrose, and fructose for brewing, there are a lot of sugars out there. Can all of these be used in the brewing process, particularly for beer? What are the ...
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Why did my cherry juice turn directly into vinegar while never being wine?

These canned, additive-free cherries are packed in their own juice, watered down. I previously left this juice in a plastic water bottle while drinking it, for only three days, and it became ...
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Does beer expiration change based on yeasts?

Part of my job involves selling beer. I was told by a coworker that visible yeast particulates at the top of a beer bottle indicate that it's not fit for consumption, whereas yeast at the bottom is ...
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How do beer manufacturers keep the taste the same?

Beer yeast change over time due to new generations. It's biology. To my knowledge you can't keep the same generation of yeast alive. Which should mean the taste should change or evolve over time? At ...
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Any Iranian rummers here? What yeast do you use?

A lot of Iranians would gladly push away their teetotal laws, and it's evident from the latest alcohol craze which makes me realize there are probably more and more Iranian rummers present in our ...
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Alternative ways to know the impact of ingredients

My first batch of beer was very complicated with lots of different ingredients and to be honest I wasn't even sure exactly what I was doing. In my second batch I decided to go "neutral," making a ...
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What does rolling/swirling a hefeweizen actually do?

I remember the first hefeweizen I had. It was made by Widmer, and I didn't like it. The second time I tried it, I noticed there were pouring instructions on the box/bottle. The instructions said to ...
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What Beers are Brewed with Wild Yeast?

Is this practiced commercially? I'm not sure if it would scale very well, because I understand that the technique takes a long time even for a home brew batch. If so, what beers are brewed using ...
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What are the drawback of not using "brewer's yeast" when brewing beer? [closed]

When walking through a brewery supply store, you will see a variety of yeasts. Likewise, you can find a variety of yeasts when walking through a grocery store. What "happens" if you use the 'wrong ...
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How much fermentation happens post-bottling in a UFO?

In Harpoon's UFO series (and other related products from other companies), the beer is bottled unfiltered, so some of the yeast carries over into the bottled beer. As long as the beer is kept in a ...
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How was beer brewed before the discovery of Yeast?

Yeast was identified as the cause of fermentation in the 1800s, but beer has been around since long before then. How was fermentation started before the intentional introduction of yeast? Was it all ...
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Yeast beer and the gastric problems

Does drinking yeast beer (known in Germany als Hefe-Weissbier) have any potential influence on gastric problems? Yeast can become active in intestines, starting there fermentation processes and ...
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