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How do I remove the smell of sulphur from my elderflower wine?

My wine is fully brewed. My hydrometer states that definitely. The issue is that it smells of eggs or similar. I do not want to put it in an aging barrel. So, how do I remove the smell of sulfur from ...
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15 votes
2 answers

If you are having a beer tasting, what is a good way to clear the palate?

When you are having a wine tasting event, it's customary to clear the palate with water and possibly plain crackers or baguettes. Is it the same concept for a beer tasting where you are serving ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Why do some beers smell like cannabis?

In my experience, some beers smell like cannabis. Stella Artios is a distinctive example. What causes this? - Is it due to a type of hop, or a style?
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Do different beer glass shapes really make a difference in taste?

I understand the basic distinction for wine glasses: red wine glasses are shaped to help keep some of the aroma inside the glass, whereas whites don't. But shapes for beer glasses, such as pilsner vs ...
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