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Selling after best before date (Belgium/Netherlands)

I regularly buy beers online in December, mainly from Belgium (and Netherlands). Are there any laws about selling beers after best before date (with no notice to potential customers)?
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Is it possible to invest (long-term) in beer?

I've recently discovered that the beer Oude Geuze Boon can be stored up to 20 years and only improve in flavor. Seeing as this beer is rather special and might not exist any more in x years time due ...
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What German beers are similar to Belgian abbey beers?

I visit Germany a lot (Augsburg, Bavaria) and I can't seem to find a beer that would be similar to Belgian beers, for example to Grimbergen blonde. So far the closest I've come is kellerbier but ...
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Where to find the Leffe Brune (and other Belgian beers) in South London

As per title... I don't know where to find the Leffe Brune (my favourite) in London at "normal" price. I live near Elephant & Castle... south London. By normal price I mean like 2 or 2.5£ (better ...
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Can I re-cork a beer bottle?

If I open a bottle of Belgian beer-with a cork- drink a little then put the cork back in the bottle will the cork randomly pop or the bottle explode from any pressure?
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Sediment in expired Belgian Beer

I have 3 bottles of La Chouffe Blonde Belgian Beer that is cloudy. It is out of date as of May of last year. Is it ok to drink? Theres a lot of sediment in the bottle. Can I decant or shake and drink? ...
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Why would an aged beer explode?

I had a bottle of Westvleteren XII aging in my fridge. As I was putting some other bottles next to it, I nudged it slightly and the bottle shattered violently. I'm certain that I didn't hit it with ...
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Pronunciation of Abt (as in St. Bernardus Abt 12)

How do you pronounce the "Abt" in St. Bernardus Abt 12? I'm interested in the proper pronunciation as well as whether there is potentially a pronunciation that may be more prevalent in the US.
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Beer like Grimbergen Blanche

Can someone suggest me a beer with similar taste like Grimbergen Blanche ? Grimbergen is the brand name of a variety of Belgian abbey beers. Originally made by Norbertine monks in the Belgian town of ...
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