I've recently discovered that the beer Oude Geuze Boon can be stored up to 20 years and only improve in flavor. Seeing as this beer is rather special and might not exist any more in x years time due to the changing climate it might be a fun endeavor to buy some crates and see what they'll be worth in 5-15 years time.

Now, wine and whiskey are established beverages to invest in but I've yet to really see any old beers on the market besides some very strong, brown beers.

Are people actually willing to buy old beers? Would they prefer 33cl or 75cl? Is it feasible to store beer up to 10+ years?

Thanks in advance!

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    I mean, PERSONALLY, I'd love the opportunity to buy old beer which is meant to get better with age. More likely to buy a smaller bottle but more of them as I love variety. Dad and I often share multiple different 330ml cans instead of either one each or multiple glasses from the same bottle. This is also encouraged by apps like untapped which rewards variation – Bee Aug 8 at 14:56
  • Thanks for your input! Hopefully untapped will still be around in 2035, hah – Laurens Aug 9 at 8:25
  • if it's not, something else will have replaced it! – Bee Aug 9 at 8:26
  • I don't see how it is going to improve in taste unless it is stored in wood barrels. There is an initial time for brewed beer to 'settle' but after that is happened it only improves if stored in something that gives it flavour like a wood barrel. – Neil Meyer Aug 12 at 16:39

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