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Does having an extreme climate increase quality when aging bourbon?

I've heard the claim that the state of Kentucky produces some of the best bourbons because the state's climate has dramatic temperature changes between seasons. Kentucky has four different seasons ...
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Does barrel aging add sugar to liquors?

Wikipedia says: Some brandies have caramel colour and sugar added to simulate the appearance of barrel aging. My question is: Does real barrel aging add sugar to liquors, and if so, how much? Is the ...
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Why is not sake freezing in the freezer but on the air after serving?

I found interesting video, with pouring sake that freezes in the glass at room temperature. How is it possible? Why it is not possible to make ice crystals ...
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Liquor before beer never fear

The common saying "beer before liquor never sicker and liquor before beer have no fear" always made me wander why is that? What is the science behind it?
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Are there any sure fire hangover cures? [duplicate]

The internet is full of hangover cures - (I need a drink just reading them all!) Just how many can claim to be backed by science? Obvious strategies include staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep,...
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What is the result of boiling beer?

Recently, I had seen a video where a Coke was boiled, and end result was tar like substance. I am just curious to know if anyone has tried boiling beer, and what is the result?
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Can canned beer be frozen for longer than bottled beer?

In a bid to chill my beer quickly, I've placed my bottles in freezer only to find myself cleaning up a mess a few minute later. In order to save myself from having this happen again, is it ok to ...
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What is the science behind the Widget?

I know the actual result of the Widget, a fine, rich froth. I know the basic mechanism, pressurized gas escaping when the whole can depressurizes, and pushing the beer out from the widget. I still don'...
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