I've successfully made a black raspberry liqueur, and am doing a similar process now with fresh figs. Has anybody done that? What have your experiences been?


  • 1.5 cups vodka (I'm using Tito's)
  • 1.5 - 2 cups fig puree

Combine figs and vodka, shake well, store in refrigerator. Shake daily, after 2-3 weeks strain well, and add simple syrup to taste.

  • Excuse me for asking but is there any difference or extra hardship in making fig liqueur as opposed to another type of liquer? Oct 18 '16 at 11:18

Fig liqueur completed after 4 weeks. Here are notes:

  • A lot more work than I expected it would be to strain out the liquid. Next time I'll use a food processor instead of making the base puree by hand.
  • It's much darker than I expected
  • The taste is nice, a little tannic on the finish.
  • I've successfully used it in a Collins-type cocktail - in a rocks glass, add:
    • 2 ounces fig liqueur, chilled
    • 1.5 tbsp simple syrup
    • juice of 1 lime wedge
    • sparkling water to top

I'm using fresh picked figs from our tree. Pureed and mixed I part good quality vodka to 1 part fig puree. I also added a tablespoon of sugar to the mixture. I'm storing the Mason jars in a cool dark closet. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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