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What is the highest alcohol content achievable through brewing?
10 votes

The reason there's a limit is once the alcohol content is too high, it kills the yeast, so fermentation stops and no more alcohol is produced. I think it's generally around 15% alcohol by volume, but ...

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Do different beer glass shapes really make a difference in taste?
7 votes

I would like to point out that taste is not the only important criterion when drinking beer. What you want is a good experience, and the taste is only a part (albeit a major part) of that. Having ...

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What styles of beer pair well with white fish?
4 votes

My simple rule would be to pair lighter beers with foods with lighter, more delicate flavours, and heavier beers with foods with heavier flavours. You don't want to pick a beer that will overpower ...

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Does reduced-alcohol beer taste differently?
3 votes

You're speaking of Utah, I assume, the only state I've been to that has laws like that. I know you can achieve lower alcohol content by using less yeast, or sugar, or both, since alcohol in beer is ...

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How can I tell whether a beer will improve with age?
1 votes

Good question! I know that most (almost all) beers will not improve with age, and as you say will simply spoil. I don't know of any beers that you really want to age in the same way that you would age ...

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What characteristics are used to distinguish styles of beer from each other?
-1 votes

One very important criterion that @phoebus briefly mentioned is brewing process. The first big distinction is ales versus lagers. Lagers are stored in cold rooms during the production process, and I ...

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