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I develop websites and work for my own company. I know all aspects of website development and maintenance (programming, servers, database, project management, content, support) which gives me a good overall view on projects and websites.

Next to my broad general knowledge of devops, my special fields of expertise would be the following:

  • Optimizing (speed, size, processes, and anything else)
  • Security (within an application or API, for servers, DDoS)
  • Usability / Easy-to-use and fault-tolerant applications

I work mainly with PHP and Javascript (with HTML5 and CSS), although I dabble in many adjacent technologies (like MariaDB, Ansible, Elasticsearch, Nginx). I am fluent in German and English, and can understand some French and Italian.

I am open to lending my expertise as a consultant on projects (also long-term if required). I am not available full-time though.

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