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Dark Beer Classifications

Porters and Stouts were similar but different... in the beginning. I'm going to try my best to paraphrase this wonderful article, some of the BJCP Guidelines, and this article. Porters (have #s) ...
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Is it okay to store milk stout on the shelf?

It won't hurt you, lactose (the 'key' ingredient of milk stouts) doesn't need to be refrigerated the way actual milk does. However, it is advisable to keep milk stouts refrigerated for two reasons: 1)...
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Whats the nickname for gin and mild?

The name for a mixture of dark beer and gin (plus brown sugar) is a Dog's Nose. It was usually not mild but porter in the 19th century. It was heated with a little nutmeg on top. Dickens refers to it ...
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Does milk stout actually contain lactose?

The 5 to 13% figure above is a misinterpretation. Those percentages refer to the ratio of lactose to grain. If you look at actual recipes for home-brewed stouts, you'll find that they use 0.5 to 1.0 ...
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Where to find the Leffe Brune (and other Belgian beers) in South London

If I want to find a beer, I use the Untappd app. Link to the beer is here: https://untappd.com/b/abbaye-de-leffe-leffe-brune-bruin/5941 If you load it up in the App (certainly on Android), you can '...
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Looking for dark but not heavy

My favourite is "Waterloo Dark"; it's dark enough to pass in a cola bottle, but doesn't have any of the heaviness or burnt taste that would turn off the blonde beer drinkers. It's also well ...
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Is Oyster Stout really made using oysters?

This, "The idea here is that you are extracting calcium carbonate from the shells, which helps reduce the tannic astringency that can result from the roasted grains used in stouts." from John, was ...
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