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Yes, finding a nearby beer shop or nearby wine shop is hassle free now all because of NearbyTheka is India’s first online portal where you can locate the list of nearby beer shops, pubs, bars, wine shops, cafes, and thekas close to your location just within a click. All you need just to search your existing location through GPS and explore ...


How can I find beer or wine shops online in India? First of all, try using a search engine and employ the Punjabi language or some other popular Indian language. Many languages are employed locally or are used in very particular regions of India. Here are 3 Websites to Order Alcohol Online in India: You can order alcohol online in India with these ...


In Scotland we have MUP (minimum unit pricing) which means you cannot sell alcohol for less than 50p per unit of alcohol so an average bottle of gin (38%) cannot be sold for less than £13.88 per 75cl bottle. The rest of the UK doesn't have this law so can be sold as low as cost price so is subject to supplier but can start from as low as £10 per 75cl bottle. ...

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