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Can wine be made from raisins?

There are two ways to make wine from raisins. Soak the raisins in water and boil and then macerate, ferment and separate the solids from the wine and age. You can make something close to wine. Most ...
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Does barrel aging add sugar to liquors?

Barrel aging does add sugar to the liquid (wine, whisky, etc.) that is aged in it. In the toasting process of a barrel, the sugar in the wood caramelizes (cellulose is a sugar polymer and breaks into ...
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Do "premium" liquors contain more sugar?

I have been in the luxury spirits business for a couple of decades. I can tell you that in the case of brown spirits, whiskey (including subsets like bourbon) and cognac (or in most cases anything ...
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Do alcohol calories count for weight gain/loss? seems to say they count as much as the calories in fat: Nutrition-wise, alcohol is similar to dietary fat. Like fat, alcohol is mostly metabolized in the liver. At seven calories per gram,...
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Which chemical compound gives Heineken its sweet taste?

Chances are that the sweet taste comes from the malt used in Heineken (and other beers). Malt contains starches that are easily broken down into simple forms of sugar (like Maltose) early on. Amylase ...
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Do alcohol calories count for weight gain/loss?

MWB's answer addressed the first question, indicating that alcohol calories behave similar to fat. Regarding your second question comparing moderate daily intake to binge drinking, the answer seems to ...
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Do alcohol calories count for weight gain/loss?

I found this paper (PDF) called "Alcohol Consumption and Obesity: An Update". It reviews a number of experiments where scientists gave people alcohol and observed changes in their weight ...
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Does calorie count on a can of beer account for calories in the alcohol?

I have no a priori knowledge. But I can Google. Evidently the calorie count does include the calories from alcohol (see here). This is because the method for determining calories comes from basically ...
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Do "premium" liquors contain more sugar?

I'm not sure Premium Liquors in general contain more sugar. Quite the contrary, as I find the base level liquors are often just basic alcohol with sugar added. Premium liquors are typically derived ...
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Does craft beer have more nutritional values than regular beer?

So... I guess it depends on what you're deeming nutritional value. Beer has 4 main ingredients: Water Grain Yeast Hops The biggest mineral difference is going to come from the water source of the ...
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