No, it is fermented to break down the sugar; otherwise it would be very sweet and sugar cannot be cooked off. After fermentaton is complete, the alcohol is removed. Note that most NA beers do actually contain a small amount of alcohol: < 1%.


It is fermented like in the previous question but nowadays there is a genetically modified fungus that can break down the sugars without creating alcohol. When normal yeast is used (it gives a better taste) Commercially the alcohol is removed under a vacuum to lower the boiling point of the alcohol even further. (higher temperatures affect the taste of the ...


It could very well be natural or added sugar, it depends entirely on the style of beer and how it is produced. The absence of sugar could be due to low sugar levels inherent in the substrates chosen for the beer. Or, it could be due to being fermented out. Keep in mind you can ferment things, have their sugar content reduced from the fermentation process, ...

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