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Coffee can definitely be mixed with tequila. However most recipes do not stop at simply a tequila/coffee mixture. The vast majority of such drinks involve a few more ingredients into these types of drinks. A friend of mine is a great fan of kahlua, so obviously we like to make something similar to a Mexican Coffee. Ingredients 10 ounces coffee (...


Cream liqueurs curdle because of their high dairy content. Dairy products (such as milk or cream) curdle in the presence of an acidic liquid. Acids have a very low pH, which lowers the overall pH of the mixture. As the pH drops below 5.5, the casein proteins in the dairy ingredients begin to curdle. That’s what you called “spongelike texture”. To safeguard ...


There are a ton of cocktails that mix tequila and coffee. There are three options for the coffee part of it: canned/bottled, liquor/liqueur, and home brewed/coffee house. Home brewed coffee is fun for experimentation and there are a lot of variables to work with. Coffee has three different growing regions, different roasts, and brewing methods. These things ...


I either pour a little at the bottom of a glass, and then add prosecco... or as of late... I pour a shot of it into a fruity beer, such as a cranberry/ raspberry sour. I call it an italian car bomb. It's surprisingly refreshing.

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