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Another one is Ryujin Shuzo Brewery or Ginko Kura Brewery, from Gunnma Prefecture, not too far from the capital. Oze no Yukidoke IPA (that I tasted) seems to be their most popular product. I am disappointed for not finding any more precise references online now, but I advise to search the names in bold above on Google or Instagram (where I have my beer-also ...


Yes, they are still available for sale in Italy when I write, in May 2019: just two days ago I shared with a friend one Moretti alla Toscana and one alla Piemontese. Le Regionali can mainly be found in local family-run grocery stores or in supermarkets. These beers by Moretti (whose lager is anyway one of the most popular Italian beers in Italy) are not ...


Yes, there are craft beer pubs in Porto and microbreweries from Porto! Particularly, Cerveja Letra was born not far from Porto and later opened a beer garden in Porto; Cervejaria do Carmo has around 50 different types of craft beers, giving more visibility to craft beers from Porto than to internacional brands; Fábrica da Picaria has its own craft beer being ...


Almost five years after this question was asked I can add Quimera Brewpub, in Rua Prior do Crato, Lisbon, that I visited in March 2019. The About page of their website states: We have 12 taps of craft beers and bottles, all produced either by us or from good Portuguese micro breweries.

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