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Liquor bottle puzzle in Eavesdropper comic strip

We already have three bottles identified. From left to right First bottle may be Gekkeikan Junmai Skye Blue Sake, suggested by crypdex Second bottle may be Bols Advocaat, suggested by OldPadawan ...
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Bottle of Rum covered in leather

Sounds like the Ron Centenario Fundacion 20 anos
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Is it possible to identify this bottle and its contents?

The label looks like Serbian, and says: Гарантовано природна (garantovano prirodna) = Guaranteed Natural стара 10 година (stara 10 godina) = Aged 10 Years I don't see anything that ...
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Liquor bottle puzzle in Eavesdropper comic strip

5th bottle is Choya plum wine.
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Do you recognize these foreign bottles?

I recognize Strega. It is a digestif from Benevento, Italy. Flavor can become unstable over time. Used in some modern cocktails as well. I don't have my books in front of me, but it is normally more ...
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Do you recognize these foreign bottles?

Starka does not age in bottles, and has no vintage, so I don't think it can be of any interest. Tokay ages very well, and 70 years old one might be interesting. On the other hand, I have a serious ...
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Which Brahma beer is unhopped?

Are you sure it wasn't the Brahma Malzbier? I've had regular Brahma before and it taste like any other watery pale lager from MillBudCoors. The Malzbier is a beer that is dark and they add caramel ...
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