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Hops are the flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus. They are used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, to which they impart bitter, zesty, or citric flavours.

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Why does the Saaz hop have a German name?

As I understand the famous Saaz hop is grown in a region called Žatec in modern day Czech Republic. Why is this hop not called the Žatec hop? And why exactly is a Czech hop known by a German name? Is ...
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What are the differences between Pale Ale (PA), India Pale Ale (IPA) and American Pale Ale (APA)?

I am wondering because I want to brew these styles of beer myself.
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What exactly is this process of adding hops called?

Instead of using a hop bag last brew, I just added a couple of hop pellets straight to the wort. This gave an altogether different taste. I really enjoyed the taste of the hops. It just tasted like ...
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What are the IBUs (bitterness units) of common lagers? Also, what are hop contents?

I would be interested to know these two things: (1): What are the ratings in IBU of common lagers: e.g. Stella, Kronenbourg, Fosters, Becks, Heineken, San Miguel, Corona? Are there major differences?...
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Alternative ways to know the impact of ingredients

My first batch of beer was very complicated with lots of different ingredients and to be honest I wasn't even sure exactly what I was doing. In my second batch I decided to go "neutral," making a ...
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Did Henry VIII really outlaw hops?

I recently read Stephen Buhner's "Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers" wherein he claimed that hops were a fairly new way to bitter beer in the renaissance and that in England Henry VIII outlawed them. ...
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Nutritional value of hops?

Since beers are made with hops, what nutritional value do those hop give to a human body when beer is consumed?
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Techniques to add flavour and aroma to beer with hops

I'm a hop lover, recently I found one of bests IIPA I ever tasted (I don't know if I can name beer / brand) I've found at the bottom of the bottle, there are no yeast rests, but yes hop leafs. :) ...
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Is there a full list of hops all around the world?

Is there a full list of hops all around the world? Currently, I've been just collecting them as I drink and asking the brewers or the pub owners which hop the beer uses. Wikipedia has a list: https:...
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The taste of hops, malt

When I drink beer I can taste a bitter, then slightly sweetness, then kind of a lingering flavor of something. I'm curious - is the lingering flavor the malt, or the hops? What contributes to the ...
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How can I learn to recognize the flavor and aroma of different varieties of hops?

Background: I was drinking a New Belgium "Tour de Fall" last week and thinking about the hops that I was tasting in the finish. For me, hops in general were a pretty slowly acquired taste, and I didn'...
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Is beer bad for dogs

I've read that raw hops can be bad for dogs, somehow causing hyperthermia. But once it's brewed, is beer bad also? What about very hoppy beers? Answers might include reports on what it is in hops (...
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Are some beers 'too hoppy'?

Hoppy beers appear to be fad at the moment. It seems that some brewers are aiming to produce beer with the sole aim to be as hoppy as possible, without consideration to other flavors or ...
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What uses do hops have outside of brewing?

Do hops have (or had in the past) any use outside of brewing beer? I mean: In the question of dating first modern beers we have the first record of cultivating hops predating the first record of use ...
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Does the climate and growing conditions of hops effect the taste of a beer, like with wine?

You will often hear wine discussed in terms of the climate, soil, etc of the vineyard. The terms 'new world' and 'old world' wines are common. Is there a similar concept for the hops used in beer? A ...
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Dry hopping versus regular hopping

What's the difference between dry hopping and regular hopping, and both in terms of production process and taste? I think I'm starting to get an idea of what a dry-hopped beer tastes like, but I'm not ...
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What is a citra hop, and how does it differ from other hops?

I was offered a beer the other day that was reportedly made with citra hops. What are citra hops? Why should I care that my beer is made with them?
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