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Please allow me to recommend the Cave à bières à Rennes : Chez Alain. The French are more into drinking wine, but this shop does beer a lot of justice. They have around 350 varieties of beer, both imported and domestic. It also has a small bar situated on site. What more do you need? Cave à bières à Rennes : Chez Alain Une large gamme de bières ...


Thanks to Ken Graham. After returning from Brittany, I can say that Chez Alain was a good choice, but a little too international. I discovered Le marchand de biere in Rennes, not too far from Chez Alain, which I preferred for a larger choice of only local beers.


I had to look up Chouchen as I'd never heard of it before (see, after many years still learning!) It looks like it's a form of mead made out of Buckwheat honey which gives it that dark color and probably stronger flavor. According to the article, it was originally made out of cider and honey but it looks like both versions are called Chouchen now. I looked ...

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