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Does "ice-cold filtering" have additional value for a beer?

It suggests that the filtering is somehow better. But really it's Marketing - conjuring the mental image of a delicious cold frosty beer. The base idea is that proteins & yeasts in the beer (...
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Does "ice-cold filtering" have additional value for a beer?

From a home-brewing point of view: cold-crashing is when you take your fermenting/ed wort and stick it in the refrigerator causing the yeast to become inactive and/or fall out of solution. It can be ...
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Pump filtration of fruit liqueurs to get rid of cloudy sediment?

There are several types of filtering systems out there. I suggest a hobby level plate and frame filter. You can filter at 5 microns or less, but 5 is probably good enough to remove the sediment. There ...
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"Green Schlitz" myth: Was the beer green, or the flakes?

"Green" refers to the flavor of the beer. Under-matured beer can have a green apple aroma called Acetaldehyde. IT is reduced by yeast in the maturation phase.
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