They are shooting for a bottle conditioned beer which means the beer ferments a little bit in the bottle, trapping the co2 and carbonating the beer "naturally". I doubt they are putting sugar directly in the bottle, but probably putting the sugar in the beer and then putting it in the bottle. This way the sugar dissolves more evenly and gives a more ...


You can make alcohol from anything that contains sugar, so... Yes, of course you can make alcohol from kiwano melon, using the same technique as with any melon (or in fact most fruit) - get the juice from it and use your normal moonshine technique :-)


Fermantation and CO2 Long story short, yeast consumes sugar and produces alcohol and CO2. During primary fermentation all the CO2 is released into the air (unless you ferment under pressure which I assume you don't). After fermentation your beer has alcohol but is flat. You need to introduce CO2 to your product somehow. Since CO2 is a product of ...

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