They are probably dessert wine glasses for sherry or port. Today they usually have a longer stem, especially mondern designs, but in the past, there were quite a few short stem sherry glasses and often also with such a knob in the stem (see attached images)


Dry Martini can sometimes become a very philisophical topic. As Eric Shain already pointed out, the classic martini consists of gin and vermouth 6:1. You should not forget the water, that is melted while stirring it. This is quite an important part of making a good Martini. You should stirr it for several minutes. More puristic people go to a ratio of 10:1 ...


Unless you count Body Shots, then it would seem the answer to this question is a firm no. But, there are cases of body parts being used in cocktails - fortunately, of other animal species. This article references an octopus tentacle used as a garnish, as well as another that uses Sea Urchin gonads... The article also references the Sour Toe cocktail. I ...


I either pour a little at the bottom of a glass, and then add prosecco... or as of late... I pour a shot of it into a fruity beer, such as a cranberry/ raspberry sour. I call it an italian car bomb. It's surprisingly refreshing.

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