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Difference between "Ale's" beer

Beers (ales and lagers) are broken down into many, many different styles based on how they are brewed. Most beers have only 3 or 4 different types of ingredients. Malt, water, yeast, hops and ...
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Would it be sexist for a beer shop to have a "selection of beer for women"?

Yes, I think this is a pretty unnecessary (and non-descriptive) label to put on a category of alcohol. If I go to a liquor store looking for cider or for a dry stout or for anything else and I see a ...
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Would it be sexist for a beer shop to have a "selection of beer for women"?

Why would you have a “selection of beer for women”? this is a marketing strategy that aims both women and men. women like to be treated differently, as a consumer with special needs and expectations. ...
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What's the definition of beer?

In the UK the legal definition of beer is really silly it is a drink that HMRC deems to be beer, bacause you said it was beer. That is pretty much it. And below 0.5% can be call Low/No Alcohol beer. ...
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Is there an online and/or English-language version of the "Jiǔmíngjì" 酒名記?

It looks like there is a copy at Harvard uploaded here: https://curiosity.lib.harvard.edu/chinese-rare-books/catalog/49-990067588510203941 I doubt this has been translated, but if you have a native ...
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