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I'm not a huge cider fan myself, but you should check out the Ace ciders. One of the drier ones I appreciated was Ace Joker Dry, which should be pretty ubiquitous and findable where you are. And if price isn't a big deal (as you indicated), here is a list of the top 50 dry ciders: ÆppelTreow Sparrow Spiced Cider Sea Cider Wild English Snowdrift Cornice ...


First, I would check to see if it's still drinkable. You might have a carboy of apple cider vinegar if you haven't put any sulfites into it or somehow prevented from oxidation. The way to test it is to get a siphon (that you have sanitized) and suck out a little to taste. If it tastes ok, then you need to prepare for bottling. I would follow these ...


Yes, there are several drinks that match that description. Apple Jack comes to mind. It's made by freeze distillation of apple cider. It's about 25-40% ABV. It's nasty stuff if you've ever had some. In Germany, there is drink that I used to drink when I lived there called ApfelKorn. This is just spirits with apple flavor added. This is about 20% ABV. It's ...


First thing, pick up a basic winemaking book. All of this is covered in there. If you have an Acetic acid problem, then you have vinegar not wine. If you just have high tartaric acid, you can do a two things. Cold stabilization and potassium bicarbonate. Cold stabilizing is putting the wine in a freezer at about 25 degrees for a couple of weeks. I ...


Blake's makes a mango habanero hard cider called El Chavo. It's not insanely spicy, but it's got some heat and good flavor. They've also actually just come out with an imperial version of this stuff called El Chapo that's aged in tequila barrels.


Wandering Aengus Ciderworks of Salem, OR has a chili cider, though it might be only available on tap. Their website does say that their bottles are now being distributed in So Cal.


The most romantic thing is to conform to the desires of your companion. It sounds like there are specific problems with sparkling and red wine. Personally as much as I like beer, I don't think it is "romantic" with the possible exception of a Belgium Tripel. These taste great, are surprisingly alcoholic and look neat served in the appropriate glass (a large ...


There are different cider styles. BJCP cider style guidelines lists several distinct styles. However, many commercial ciders like Angry Orchard don't list a style beyond their brand names.

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