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Why does canned Guinness DRAUGHT have a plastic sphere?

It's called a floating widget and is used (together with nitrogen instead of carbondioxide) to give the beer it's typical, creamy head when poured from the can. The method was invented by the Guinness ...
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Where can I find a type of beer that comes in flat top beer cans?

You are in luck! There is a retro can operation called the Chuchkey Beer Co. that is canning beer in the old style flat top cans that you need a churchkey to open (I think they supply one with the ...
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Do cans change the taste of beer?

Yes. As a food engineer I can confirm you that the taste of the food (here beer) also changes in a bottle vs. can as the light (UV mainly) interacts differently than in a can where the light does not ...
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Busch Bavarian Beer can

And, according to English Wikipedia and its source (ref. [26]), you may be right: Busch Bavarian Beer was introduced in 1955 on national TV. Busch Beer was originally sold in the South, Midwest, ...
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Sealed beer can doesn't feel full

if it is local brew may I suggest sending a message to the brewer and asked about it. for any more advice, I do think it is still good but if you want to be safe just message them for why this 1 can ...
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Do cans change the taste of beer?

In addition to the different rates at which the container warms up in the hand, there could also be the effect of the weight of the container itself. I've long heard that gin tastes far better when ...
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Do cans change the taste of beer?

So, besides the light changing the chemical makeup of the beer in bottles thing, drinking from a can absolutely modifies the flavor for me - because of the smell of the aluminum. But, pour it in a ...
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