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As Steve S. says, the "Palcohol" product does not seem to be on the market at the moment, and their FAQ states "When will it be available? As soon as we can. We're working on it. No samples will be released ahead of time."... but in the meantime, you could always buy some cyclodextrin powder (easily sourceable from Amazon US), put your favorite azeotropic ...


In the same Wikipedia article you mention, it also says: However, as of January 4, 2016, the product is not yet available for sale and legalization remains controversial due to public-health and other concerns.[1] Researchers have expressed concern that, should the product go into production, increases in alcohol misuse, abuse, and associated physical ...


Yes, you can obtain different varieties of Japanese Whiskeys in Canada. The real question (or two) is whether or not you can obtain a particular one and whether it is obtainable in Ontario? Each province regulates what is permitted to be sold in their liquor stores. The official provincial list of products will vary from province to province. Here in BC, we ...


I buy from here: https://www.absinthes.com/ Plenty of choice and they ship worldwide.


In Canada you are able to purchase absinthe in most liquor stores including government run liquor stores. Here in British Columbia, I have never seen a liquor outlet without absinthe for sale. They are usually imported from various countries such as the Czech Republic and France. Canada also produces some of its’ own absinthe as is seen here. Liquor ...


Just wait until you are in Canada... E.g. https://okanaganspirits.com/products/absinthe/taboo-genuine-absinthe/ https://nationalpost.com/appetizer/happy-hours-guide-to-absinthe-the-louche-bag-brands-available-in-canada


This may not help you in Quebec, but if a product can be found in an LCBO somewhere in Ontario, you should be able to order that product at any LCBO in Ontario.

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