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At our local pub the Eclipse (Guinness & Blue Moon) is also referred to as a Dark Side of the Moon Black Raspberry - Guinness w/ Lindemans Raspberry Frambois Black Death - Guinness w/ Black Widow Cider


In this answer to a more recent question on this network, I show that vodka can be used to make a cocktail with beer and, in particular, with Guinness: cocktail number 7, there called Suicide Sunday is made with 2/3 Guinness draught and 1/3 vodka.


Before answering this thread, I wanted to jump myself back to a pub in my town where they offer a selection of Guinness and beer cocktails, take a photo to the menu and ask a few things to the owner. The image above does of course not represent any standard, and an Irish pub in a foreigner country may not be 100% traditional, but it shows a variety of ...

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