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Difference between "Ale's" beer

Beers (ales and lagers) are broken down into many, many different styles based on how they are brewed. Most beers have only 3 or 4 different types of ingredients. Malt, water, yeast, hops and ...
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Why are some beers warm and some cold?

Why is it that some beers are served Cold and why are some served Warm? At what temperature should a beer be served can be answered by the following statement: Most beers have an ideal serving ...
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Why are some beers warm and some cold?

I don't think anyone would deliberately or professionally serve warm beer, if by warm you mean something close to body temperature. Generally speaking, cask ale (as opposed to pressurised keg beer) is ...
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Is there a recipe for a Kosher for Passover beer or ale?

Here's a company that's trying it: … According to, beer is '"chametz." What's chametz? According to the site, it's "any food product made from wheat, barley, rye, oats or ...
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Broadening my horizons (Ale recommendations in South West UK)

I am pleased to add a pint that I enjoyed particularly: Firefly Bitter is an excellent 3.7% amber ale produced by Hanlons Brewery in the county of Devon. Further, why not to try those of St. Austell ...
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