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Why is it every time I try an old expensive wine it's doesn't compare to a 25-35$ two year old wine I buy?

On special occasions friends or family have brought over expensive 20-25 year old bottles of Spanish or Italian wines to celebrate the occasion. I'm no wine expert other than going to the local Liquor ...
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Where I can check the age of this blended scotch whisky?

How to check how old this scotch whisky is?
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Does hard liquor keep forever?

I drink mixed drinks infrequently, so it takes me a while to go through a bottle of rum, whisky, or vodka. Thus far I haven't noticed a problem with, say, a two-year-old (opened) bottle of any of ...
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I have a crate of out of date beer/bitter by 6 months, tastes watery, can I resurrect it in some way?

I found a case of Scottish beer / bitter that I had forgotten about, it is out of date by 7 months, which normally would not stop me but it tastes watery. My question is can I re-ferment it or add ...
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Whiskey: Year is it from distilled or bottled?

I've noticed that on the label on some whiskey bottles it say "distilled 2010 | bottled 2016" Is a Whiskey in that case then categorized as a six-year-old whiskey or one-year-old (or zero) whiskey? ...
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What is the shelf life for (unopened) Pino Grigio?

I recently came across a bottle of Pino Grigio that's a few years old (label says 2012, and that's probably when it was bought). We usually only break out a bottle of wine for guests or a special ...
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I'm aging a few bottles. They've been in the fridge for a while. Should I take them out now?

Pretty much this. I'm storing/aging bottles. They've been in my fridge for 6+ months now. I want to leave them there at least another 6+ months and on. But I've read aging beers in fridge is a "bad" ...
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What styles of beer can you age? [duplicate]

I know friends who have "aged" beers to around the 1 year mark. Typically I've heard of stouts and porters aging well. Is the aging style related? If so, what styles can you age and for how long?
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How do I determine the shelf life of beer?

Sometimes I buy beer more quickly than I can drink it -- a sad state of affairs, I know, but it happens. I know that some beers are best drunk within a few weeks and others can be fine for months, ...
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