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As noted in a comment Malbec is only red. The common term is wine producer. Sometimes referred to as label. In (nominal) order the factors are Grape Region / vineyard Year Producer / process … Malbec has a pretty broad range. Initially was used almost exclusively as a blending wine. A cheaper wine is going to have more variance. They are often buying a grape from an number of …
answered Jun 13 '18 by paparazzo
I kind of like a Zinfandel but any darker red. Just google "wine pairing with grilled steak". The Best Wine Pairings for Grilled Steak …
answered Apr 27 '16 by paparazzo
spend more than $12 An old vine zinfindal then need to get into $40 range or I would rather just drink a $20 merlot An $80 wine is certainly not twice as good a $40 but there are people with the … budget for $80+ wine. Most people can find a lot of good wines in the $4 - $40 range that fit their taste. Not sure if it is true but Kevin O'Leary on Shark Tank says 90% of wine sold is $13 or less a bottle. …
answered Mar 9 '17 by paparazzo
Yes the alcohol cooks off but the flavor is not in the alcohol. If you would not drink it then don't cook with it. The flavor of the wine will come through. For me I do not cook with an expensive … full body red as then just too much comes through. More about grape and just get a decent wine. Like Chardonnay with clams you would get some oak coming through with a nicer bottle but I am not …
answered Apr 14 '16 by paparazzo
There is no proof for any bottle of wine. You can open it and it has gone bad. Good is subjective. Well flavored is subjective. Flavor is more about the grape. If you don't like a Cabernet … Sauvignon then you are not going to like an expensive Cabernet Sauvignon. There are numerous reviews and point systems. A vineyard will have a reputation. The wine buyer at the store has the …
answered Jun 12 '16 by paparazzo
-lactic fermentation, and here's the quick take on how it works. Just after the grapes are made into wine, a special type of beneficial bacteria is added to the wine. That bacteria converts one of the … acids in wine (malic) to another type of acid (lactic). The two acids feel different on the tongue. Malic acid is very sharp (it's the acid in a Granny Smith apple); lactic acid is fairly soft (it's …
answered Jul 3 '16 by paparazzo