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Questions tagged [wine]

An alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes.

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AOC Regulations and the relabelling of old Bordeaux

When very old Bordeaux wines are recorked at the chateau and perhaps relabelled, is this done in accordance with current or historical regulations ? I sometimes see 19th Century vintages marked '...
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Can a wine have an animalic facet on the nose or palate?

I come from a perfumery background with very little experience with wine. When I have heard tasting notes, they have been fairly unsurprising from the fruity to floral to green. However, I have been ...
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What pairs well with cannabis wine?

What pairs well with cannabis wine? Cannabis Wine: Herbs have been infused into wine since the time of ancient Greece. These aromatized wines are now even being infused with cannabis. One such ...
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