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Questions tagged [whisky]

For questions relating to the subject of whisky. (Primarily Scotch, Canadian, and Japanese whisky.)

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4 answers

Can modern distilling techniques produce quality Scotch in significantly less time?

My brother-in-law is opening a distillery in Canada, which has got us discussing whisky on the regular. And by the sounds of it it looks like there are certain techniques that can be used these days ...
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Is the "Japanese whiskey" in the picture a real brand, and if so what is its full name?

The attached image is a screen capture from a TV show (@ ~00:12:30). Unfortunately, it flashed for only a fraction of a second, and that's all that was shown. Though the label on the bottle says &...
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Can a liquor be both a vodka and whisky? What's the difference?

Both whisky and vodka can be made from fermented grains. So is it just a marketing decision which to call it? Generally speaking vodka is clear, odorless and tasteless. And whisky is a brown colour ...
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Johnnie Walker Green vs Gold Label?

I drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label and I didn't fell the alcohol burning my mouth. Is it similar with Green and Gold Label? Which one of these two has a better "alcohol burn" hidden?
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The style of whiskies produced in England?

An English relative sent me a map of distilleries based in England today, which I'd never thought of before. Of course Scotch can only be made in Scotland, which begs the question of what these ...
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How are double and triple casks whiskies matured?

If a 12 year old single malt Scotch has the label of double cask or double matured (some say double wood), assuming oak and sherry, does it mean a portion of the whisky is matured in oak cask for 12 ...
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Discount Scotches in North America

Recently, I became aware that Scotch distilleries sometimes put out discount product at stores like Lidl and Aldi without an age statement, so they can turn product faster at a cheaper price. And in ...
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2 answers

Could whisky in lager be considered a lethal cocktail?

I know you can have whisky chasers with lager or beer, I used to have them all the time, and still do when I am on a cruiseship. However, having a chaser is not quite the same as pouring a large ...
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Which single malt Scotches have improved over the last 20 years?

There seems to have been a consistent trend across many distilleries towards a poorer product over the last 2 decades. A case in point is Laphroaig 10yo. In the late 90s I was a regular drinker of ...
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What is the difference between beer and whisky?

I was reading the articles about how beer and whisky are made: It occurred to me ...
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