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How does the water source affect the flavor of the sake?

There are many different types of sake, each having own unique flavor profile and characteristics. Some types of sake are: Junmai-shu: This is a type of sake made with only rice, water, yeast, and ...
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Is distilled water automatically deionised water?

In the process of distilling water. Does the said water become de-ionised? I don't know how many ways I've tried to put this but it keeps coming back as not up to your standards. Oh that did it it ...
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It's it better to use mineral water or distilled water for my mash when making vodka?

I'm asking which type of water is best for making a mash to distill down to a vodka? Distilled water or bottled mineral water?
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Why does beer dehydrate you? [duplicate]

It's often recommended that you drink water before and during a heavy drinking session. Why is it that, despite being mostly water, beer dehydrates you?
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How much of an impact does the water have on a beer?

How much of an impact does the water (minerals/quality/distilled) have on a beer?
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