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Is wine dryness or sweetness due to grape variety?

What divides a dry wine from a sweet wine is the level of residual sugar left in the wine after fermentation?
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What beer is ok to drink not-cold or room temperature (for camping)

As in title, I'm going camping with some buddies soon and we're planning on bringing far more beer than we have space for in a cooler. What kinds of beer are palatable to drink (or good even) when at ...
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5 votes
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Apps for recording variety of beers consumed

I'm looking for apps, as a beer aficionado, to record the different beers that I try. Is there a vivino for beer?
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Were the Sam Adams seasonal beers actually developed to accommodate seasonal availability of ingredients or are they just a marketing construct?

I enjoy the Sam Adams seasonal varieties, as they usually put people in the holiday spirit(s), etc., and they evoke the feeling of "only for a limited time" like a Shamrock shake at McDonalds. In ...
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Why is it called "porter"?

Stouts are stout, Pale Ales use pale malt, but where did the name porter come from?
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