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Questions related to the long or short-term storage of beer, wine, and spirits including the optimal facilities and conditions.

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Does bottle size affect aging or storage?

Typically I want to age 22oz bottles, but I'm curious if I could get away with aging a smaller bottle. Is there any difference based on bottle size?
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Do cans change the taste of beer?

My favorite beers come in bottles and in cans. I always buy it in bottles because I've heard that cans negatively impact the flavor of the beer. Is this true? If so, how does it work?
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What determines how much foam a beer produces when it is poured?

Different beers and different types of storage result in different amounts of foam being produced when the beer is poured, from almost none at all to a glass full of foam. What factors, both in terms ...
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How long can you store beer? [closed]

Assuming a relatively cool and stable environment, how long can you store beer in: Bottles Wooden barrels Metallic barrels Cans (Yes, I really asked that.) without it loosing its carbonation and ...
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Popularity of tank beer

In Czech Republic pubs with tank beer are pretty common and popular. There in many pubs and restaurants the beer is not stored in mobile casks or kegs but in much larger stationary tanks. Here is ...
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Why should beer be kept in the fridge?

Beer is usually found in fridges in shops and supermarkets. At home, you would store it in the fridge as well before drinking. On the other hand, many liquor shops have stacks of beer cans outside ...
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How do I build a beer room/cellar?

I've got an extra room in my house that I was thinking of turning into a "beer cellar", or as much of a cellar as an above ground room can be. I don't have a problem with the actual construction, but ...
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Does the choice of bottle cap or stopper make a difference?

Does the choice of bottle cap design have any effect on the beer itself? With the primary goal being to keep the beer pressurized and prevent exposure, how do the different stoppers stack up against ...
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What temperature is ideal to store my beer?

What temperature is ideal to store my beer? Is there a difference depending on the beer type?
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What styles of beer can you age? [duplicate]

I know friends who have "aged" beers to around the 1 year mark. Typically I've heard of stouts and porters aging well. Is the aging style related? If so, what styles can you age and for how long?
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What's the best way to store beer while camping in hot climates?

Every August I go camping1 for a week or two in western PA, and I like to take along some beer to drink in the evenings. What I've been doing, to save cooler space (and reduce the amount of ice I ...
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Should I get beer in bottles or in cans?

Sometimes, companies offer the same beer in bottles and in cans. Everything else being equal, should I go for the bottle or the can? I know that e.g. Guinness have their "floating widget" in their ...
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Will temperature changes cause a beer to "skunk" or otherwise spoil?

In my fraternity days, there was a constant fear of beer (typically kegged but also bottled) getting "skunked" as a result of warming up and cooling down too many times, possibly even once. Do non-...
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How do I determine the shelf life of beer?

Sometimes I buy beer more quickly than I can drink it -- a sad state of affairs, I know, but it happens. I know that some beers are best drunk within a few weeks and others can be fine for months, ...
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What is the best angle to store beer bottles?

Currently I am storing my bottles in the crates at a (about) 20 degree angle (bottles are upwards!). Does the way of storing the bottles affect something (and how)?
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