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Questions about Skunking and how to prevent it. Skunking is a process in which a beer's flavor is degraded due to light exposure.

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Ways to avoid Skunked beer?

Before the craft beer craze, most consumption was mass produced bottles and cans that seemed to last forever. New England or "Hazy" IPAs tend to have a short shelf life of less than 2 months....
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Are brown bottles sufficient to protect beer from skunking?

I have read that when stored in a clear container, sunlight can cause beer to skunk in a matter of seconds or minutes. I have also read that brown bottles are "better" when it comes to preventing this....
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Why use clear or green bottles?

In my experience, as well as accounts of others' experiences, it seems that clear and green bottles are inferior to brown bottles for storing beer. I know this is due to the amount of light allowed ...
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What is 'skunking'?

In some of the questions on this site, I've seen the word 'skunking' thrown around. What does it mean? I'm assuming it's a process that causes beer to go bad, and if so, what causes this process?
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