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Timing for Rum infusions

Since the quarantines and lockdowns, I have picked up the hobby of infusing alcohol. Various sources give various advice as to the length of time in which to let a "Rhum Arrangè" set... some ...
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Indian Army supply of Alcoholic beverages?

Indian Army cantonments are supplied all kinds of alcoholic beverages. These supplies are only for army men. Do the drinks strengthen their guts? My question is: Are the manufacturing special and ...
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What is a “Boston Particular?"

What is a “Boston Particular?" When I read a book review (NY Times paywalled, unfortunately) on a history called 'America and Iran’, the review quoted the book saying: Iranians were and still ...
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Bottle of Rum covered in leather

Had a bottle of Rum but can’t recall the name now; hoping members can identify it. Bottle was shape and size of an ordinary narrow Bordeaux wine bottle (prob. 750ml). The glass bottle was covered with ...
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What is the location where they make rum called?

Beer is made in Breweries, wine in Wineries, where is rum made? I have a friend who says rummery but that is marked as a misspelling. I asked google and they said Barbados. Does anyone know?
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Rum brand with the strongest rum flavor?

I am looking for the brand of light rum that has the stongest rum flavor. I emphasize light because what I am looking for is distinctive rum flavor, not the flavor of the barrel in which it was aged. ...
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Ice cubes in rum

I drink my rum straight. Recently was sipping on a glass of rum and a mate poured some cubes (before filling the rum) into his glass. If this is not the same difference of opinions vis a vis whiskey ...
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Why is Rum not affected in the same way by distillation as other alcohols like Vodka?

Is this true: Distilled alcohol such as gin, vodka, scotch, whisky and rye are produced from fermentation and distillation of wheat, barely or rye. The distillation process separates the ...
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Will alcohol boost body fat?

I am drinking Rum, Brandy and Whisky regularly. Sometimes beer. In those which boosts body fat? Which is good for obesity prone body?
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Winterhighlight "Feuerzangenbowle" without headache?

I would like to take this answer to an other question as an opportunity to ask about an other speciality we Germans like to take in winter. It is about burning sugar with high-proof spirits. The ...
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What happens if I drink buttermilk after 3-5 drinks rum or whiskey (60ml each)?

I have heard that we should not drink milk products after we drink rum or whiskey. I'm not sure. But curd and buttermilk is always in my dinner. Can you make it clear? What happens in the stomach when ...
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