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Bottle opener - what is the use for the other part?

The blue socket is used to open beer bottles. But what is the usage for the red one?
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Preparation of cocktails using whiskey

I'm a whiskey enthusiast and I want to try making cocktails using whiskey (Normally I use chilled water or Ice cubes, but some whiskeys have an obnoxious smell). I have tried bourbon (JD, Jim Beam) ...
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Does eating meat along with booze have any benefits?

TL;DR: Is eating meat along with booze beneficial? Or does it reduce any adverse effects of drinking? By drinking, I mean liquors like whisky, vodka or rum. I seldom drink wine. Some optional ...
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Good beverage suggestions to get drunk but not too drunk? [closed]

If you want to get drunk to chill out and have a good time every once in a while, without going too much in the crazy side and doing very embarrassing things (vomiting, etc), then what is the best ...
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Is it weird that I like my red wines slightly chilled? [duplicate]

Is it weird that I like my red wines Slightly chilled? Or is this normal? I constantly hear that we should be drinking reds at “room temperature."
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How the idea of 30 ml, 60 ml and 90 ml drinks get started?

Where did the idea of pouring 30 ml, 60 ml or 90 ml in drinks begin. Is there a theory or scientific reason behind it? Have gone through this post: Peg (unit) from Wikipedia, but it does not help me. ...
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What is the best type of gin to use in a gin martini? [closed]

I am trying to make a gin martini and I would like to know what is the best type of gin to use for doing so.
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Tap it or Pump it!

Whenever I'm out in a bar I always see bottles of ale or ale on a pump but I have never seen a bar that serves ale from a regular tap why is this ? Why serve ale from a Pull Pump, instead of a Beer ...
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Eat bread before drink beer make you drunk less?

My friends says if you eat some bread it will absorb the alcohol and make you high less. is it true?
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How to avoid keg foam?

When using a keg setup at home, either with a hand pump or a pressurized system, I keep getting a lot of foam after changing and/or pumping up the air pressure (In a hand system). This appears to me ...
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Optimal mulling temperature?

Taste-wise, at least in my opinion, the hotter the mulled beer the better. Except past certain point the alcohol starts evaporating so quickly you end up losing most of it before you start drinking. ...
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